Environmental Site Assessments and Research

GBS can conduct both Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments.  Environmental site assessments are imperative to obtain when evaluating commercial properties as they identify potential or existing contamination liabilities.  It is recommended that investors do at least a Phase I ESA on commercial properties.

Phase I ESA consists of a preliminary investigation to determine if any conditions are present that would require a Phase II ESA.  This investigation typically does not require groundwater or soil sampling, but rather, diligent research of the existing property and neighboring properties, review of municipal planning documents, and on-site visual inspection, among other methods of information gathering to make a determination as to whether a Phase II ESA would be prudent.

Should a determination be made by the client and inspection team that a Phase II ESA be conducted, that inspection would most commonly entail obtaining samples of soil and water.  Additional harmful contaminants such as lead paint or asbestos might also be tested during this phase.  Once the ESA inspections have been complete, our experienced team can assist in determining the best remediation methods as well as potential costs.